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Tuesday, 14 March 2006 13:08

Swiss-Tech Utili-Key Review

Multi tools I will admit tend to be quite large and cumbersome, even when you do need to use them you never end up need all of the tools that it comes with.

SwissTech Utili-Key

SwissTech has introduced a little toy they call the Utili-Key, it looks like a regular key that you would have on your key chain from a distance but it's disguises itself well. When you pull the two parts of the key apart your treated with an assortment of tools at your disposal. On one side you have a knife blade with a serrated edge and a small straight bladed screwdriver. On the other side you have a Phillips screwdriver and a bottle opener. These tools may not seem like much but I have sold the idea of having one to a lot of people and they think the design is great. SwissTech should give me commission for all the Utili-Keys I sells...just kidding guys. You can also but this key in a combo pack that comes with a SwissTech photo light, made of an smash proof bulb this light as small as it is can run 133 hours non stop and deliver a light beam that can be seen for miles, great if your stranded and need to flag someone down, or just need to find something in a dark area. Best of all when I go to the airport I usually have to have my pocketknife in my regular baggage but I have have this on my key chain and plop it in the bucket and the guard never looks twice at it. Indeed looks can be deceiving!! It won't save your life if you land on an island when your plane crashes but it's good for small things. Pick one of these little guys up if you can, you will be glad you carry one.

SwissTech Utili-Key


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