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Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:20

Leatherman Arc in the wild

Written by

Last week the retail outlet REI accidently made the Leatherman Arc page live before the official release date. All this transpired via the r/Leatherman Reddit group and the 50 units they had available were gone in no time. One of our members Gadgetman7 (Dale Carr), was so gracious to show off his new acquisition. There is no official launch date for the Leatherman Arc, but at or around October 17 has been floating around. I feel if REI had stock already, then release is imminent. In the meantime, enjoy the pics of the new Leatherman Arc, compliments of Gadgetman7.

I was recently approached about reviewing some knives from a company called Kansept- and if you haven't heard of them, you may want to consider looking into them.  They use a similar model to CRKT in that they collaborate with different designers and produce the results.  They were nice enough to send me a few versions of their Korvid knives, designed by Justin Koch of Koch Tools.

Friday, 23 June 2023 14:09

Leatherman Arc Spotted

Written by

VideoCapture 20230623 163951

Today Leatherman released a email to everyone announcing their 40th Anniversary. In that email was a link to a video on their YouTube channel, towards the tail end of the video we get a glimpse of the new Leatherman Arc. I'm hearing that there's going to be a 40th Anniversary tool to be released as well as the new Arc. No details yet on a release date for either item, we will keep you posted as we hear more. I've included a link to the video below.

Leatherman 40th Anniversary Video (YouTube)

Saturday, 10 June 2023 17:32

Fox Knives - Knife Based Multitools

Written by

FOX Knives is introducing a new Swiss Army style multitool line called Vulpis. The Maniago maker is trying to take some market dominated by Victorinox. Fox refers to them as "knife-based multitools" and that is their primary function. The Vulpis models feature a modified sheepsfoot blade with either N960 or M390 steel, the latter being paired with higher end handle materials. Some of the implements the new line comes with are, wood saw, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, and screw drivers. Handle materials will range from aluminum on the N960 models to carbon fiber or titanium on the M390 models. 


fox knives vulpis 130 sf5 aluminum od green 01fx1034 600x600@2x fox knives vulpis 130 3 aluminum black 01fx1020 600x600@2x

fox knives vulpis 130 s4 aluminum orange 01fx1025 600x600@2xfox knives vulpis 130 f4 aluminum sky blue 01fx1031 600x600@2x

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