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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 15:14

SOG ToolClip Review

The SOG ToolClip is another one of those fascinating designs that help define what we know today as the “multitool.” It is one of the more successful permanent mount plier type multitools, but unfortunately was apparently not successful enough since it was discontinued some time ago. Made in Seki City, Japan for SOG, the ToolClip and Micro ToolClip are extremely well built, sturdy tools that every collector should experience at least once.

SOG ToolClip

Like the Wenger SwissGrip and Al Mar 4x4 the first thing you notice about the ToolClip is the pliers that don’t fold like other multitools. This does add a certain amount of bulk to the multitool overall, but with less moving parts, makes the plier head stronger. That may not be a big deal really since most plier heads are plenty strong enough (I have never broken one myself!) but it has that ubiquitously sturdy feel to it that really inspires faith.

SOG ToolClip

The SOG ToolClip features a sturdy set of blunt nosed pliers with integrated wire cutters, spear point knife blade, serrated blade, small flathead screwdriver, and a Victorinox style bottle opener with integrated flathead and wire stripper. It also has a handy pocket clip and the handle can be used as a light duty pry bar. SOG designed this model well, and used “every part of the buffalo” as the saying goes.

SOG ToolClip

Unfortunately, while the ToolClip is an excellent tool, it unfortunately is not the “perfect” tool that everyone is looking for, and it does have a few drawbacks. First off, the nicely brushed finish is easily marked up during use, especially if you have it clipped to the same pocket that your keys or change goes into. Not a huge deal for a user, but as a discontinued and collectable tool, this can be a major nightmare!

The afore mentioned bulk can be a bit of an issue, and it also is kind of odd shaped. As with it’s little brother, the ToolClip is long and narrow and can poke you when bending over if you aren’t careful.

SOG ToolClip

It is also a very minimal tool, without a large tool selection. It is a functional selection, yes, but more versatility can be had with smaller tools on the market, which is probably why the ToolClip isn’t available anymore.

Better suited nowadays for the collector than the user, the ToolClip is a must for anyone fascinated with the evolution of the multitool.


  • Solid construction
  • Excellent minimalist selection
  • Blunt nose pliers that could crush the hull of a battleship


  • Easily scratched brushed finish and high polish tools
  • Bulky for a minimalist tool
  • Significant portion of tool is exposed during carry
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