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Thursday, 20 June 2024 09:07

Kizer Sparrow

Written by

Vincent Rizzo's Sparrow, brought to us by Kizer Cutlery, exemplifies a blend of functional elegance and robust craftsmanship. Rizzo's design philosophy shines through in every detail of this knife.

The specs for the Sparrow include an overall length of 7.6 inches, a 3.27-inch blade, and a handle length of 4.33 inches. The handles are made from contoured titanium, which is very ergonomic. Its subtle beveling and large finger groove provide a snug, comfortable grip that fits perfectly in hand. The titanium handle not only offers durability but also adds a touch of sophistication with its sandblasted, frosted finish.


Tuesday, 18 June 2024 17:00

Kansept Korvid S

Written by

Justin Koch of Koch Tools is a respected pocket tool designer. His love for knives is evident in his creations, and people have enjoyed his handiwork for years. His designs are a blend of innovation, aesthetics, and utility. A popular knife design of his is the Korvid range; its cleaver-style blade and striking looks turn heads. The Korvid S is a fixed-blade version of that famous design. Today, we're taking a look at how it performs and if it's worth its metal.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 07:01

Kizer Mystic

Written by

Those that know me know that I view pocket knives as an art form. People are into paintings, sculpture, and other works that man creates. A man bears his soul when he creates, pouring out his creativity, passion, emotions, and even love. I, however, see beauty in knives. To others, they are purely utilitarian, cold steel made for a purpose. But I see knives as much an art form as those made with chisels and paintbrushes. It's the angles, curves, material choices, movement, acoustics, etc. It's poetry in motion. Knife designers are artists, and today we're taking a look at a design by Paul Munko.

Paul says that ever since he was a kid, he's been fascinated by anything with a blade. His dad had a toolbox full of pocket knives, using them for a variety of things around the house daily. Paul learned at a young age the utility that a knife could bring into your life. They made things easier in a way that you don't ever think about unless you carry one daily. They were not only useful but fun as well. He got hooked on pocket knives after a road trip, seeing them on display at a rest stop. He went to researching what makes for a good pocket knife. He found out how great the knife-collecting community was. He found collectors, creators, and even started speaking with designers and manufacturers about their work and how their ideas came to be.


Tuesday, 18 June 2024 06:49

Kansept Main Street

Written by

Kansept has many models that define the brand, and one that stands out in particular is the Main Street. Designed by Dirk Pinkerton, the Main Street exemplifies his no-nonsense, purpose-driven philosophy. His approach to knife design is simple: big enough to get the job done, but in the smallest package. It features a comfortable yet versatile grip, able to handle whatever tasks you would expect a knife to handle. That sums up the Main Street perfectly.

The company often makes variations of their models, some of which are quite striking. I decided to take a look at the lightning anodized version with 20CV steel. If I don't get to this now, I'll forget—there's a lot to talk about. The overall length of the Main Street is 7.92 inches, with a blade length of 3.36 inches.


Sunday, 16 June 2024 17:41

Vosteed Acorn

Written by

I'm generally a fan of mid-sized knives, but it's hard to ignore the fantastic smaller folders on the market right now. Vosteed has been a leader in this area thanks to their mini models. With designs like the Chipmunk, it's a standalone product rather than a smaller version of an existing model. A newcomer to the Vosteed lineup is the Acorn. The company describes the Acorn as "Our way of expressing gratitude to our valued supporters through a high-quality, budget-friendly knife." Let's get cracking and check out the new Acorn.


Thursday, 13 June 2024 09:55

Telum Dominator PLX

Written by

There are a ton of companies out there that have their own line of knives, but they get lost amongst the sheer volume of products available. A company that deserves some limelight is Telum Tactical. Telum is a company that strives to offer a great selection of purpose-built tactical gear for law enforcement, military, and outdoorsmen. Their knives are assembled in Minden, Louisiana, and come with a lifetime warranty. Telum is a Latin word that translates to “weapon," which is a perfect choice for a tactical-centric company.


Wednesday, 12 June 2024 05:39

Warthog V-Sharp A4 Elite Sharpener

Written by

When it comes to sharpening, there's a myriad of ways to get the job done. There's freehand, fixed angle, motorized, crock sticks, and even pull through. Throughout millennia, man has used many ways to get his gear sharp, and just when you think we've exhausted new ways to get the job done, someone comes up with a fresh idea. One such innovation comes from the folks at Warthog Sharpeners.

Warthog was started with the simple aim of creating a better knife sharpener. They wanted to give people the ability to sharpen their knives to a professional level without having to send them to an expert. They began operating in 1999 and have been manufacturing and exporting high-quality diamond knife sharpeners for more than 20 years. Warthog saw there was nothing on the market that sharpened blades expertly and quickly while still being easy to use. They put their heads together and, in 2000, they designed and manufactured the first V-Sharp sharpener. Warthog proudly manufactures in Garden Route in George, South Africa.


Tuesday, 11 June 2024 02:19

Tenable Prometheus

Written by

Kansept Knives, the incredible manufacturer out of Yangjiang, has been a major player in the industry for the last four years. They've created a team with more than 20 years of experience in the knife industry. At the same time, they established a strong Research & Development department to continuously design the most ergonomic, innovative, and high-quality in-house knives. Combine that with award-winning collaborations, and you've got a recipe for success.

The public loves what Kansept is doing, but their knives don't reach everyone's budget. So the team put their heads together and created a new line called Tenable. This line of knives takes those award-winning designs and manufactures them at a price point everyone can afford. The name of the company means: "able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection." Seems fitting I think. Today, we're checking out one of the two new releases from this line, the Prometheus.


Tuesday, 11 June 2024 06:13

Tenable Nesstreet

Written by

I don't have much of an intro for this knife, as this is part deux of the Tenable launch lineup. Today, we're taking a look at the company's Nesstreet model. The Nesstreet is designed by Greg Wegrzycki, known in the knife community as Karambitmaker. He's a long-time martial arts practitioner, knife collector, and knife maker. His main passion is karambit and curved blade knives, but he sometimes creates more utilitarian items. You might think that this new model would be a karambit-style knife, but instead, Greg has created a well-balanced everyday carry knife.


Saturday, 01 June 2024 08:58

ASK Jefferson

Written by

The humble Swiss Army knife has been a staple in the multipurpose tool market since 1884. Though it's evolved over the years, it's stayed relatively the same. Victorinox has been a dominant force in the industry world wide. Others have tried to grab some of the action, yet they cannot match the quality or production. They've got over 150 years of experience, one cannot simply compete. But instead of trying to copy them, why not innovate? Create something new, and fresh, use high end materials, and give people something they'll truly want. That is what Greg Medford of Medford Knives set out to do. His answer is called ASK Knives, which is an acronym for American Service Knife.


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