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Sunday, 09 July 2023 17:06

eXtreme EDC tools

Written by

With the plethora of options available when it comes to pry bars and EDC gear it can be daunting to find one to suit your tastes. My task here at multitool.org is to weed through them, let you know how said tools fair and help you in your decision making. A little while back I stumbled upon an EDC tool company I had never heard of eXtreme EDC.

eXtreme EDC is a small company that's been around since 2014 and based in the heart of Europe. Their passion is for EDC gear and self-defense equipment, proudly producing products that are produced only in the Czech Republic. They cooperate with many local companies to produce these tools with emphasis on perfect machine processing, the best materials and surface finish. eXtreme EDC makes a lot of stuff in different categories, today we're taking a look at a few pry tools and a keychain ratchet driver.

Resizer 16889370633401

The eXtreme Ratchet is a neat compact ratchet that does a decent job for its size. The eXtreme Ratchet features two ¼ bits inside body that are held in place by O-rings. Instead of a traditional hexagonal hole for holding the bit, the eXtreme ratchet contains a unique ratchet that is integrated inside the tool. To attach the ratchet to my keyring they have included a 10mm hex cutout, which could serve to turn a nut if needed. There is another variation of the eXtreme ratchet that connects to a Molle system as well. The body of the tool is made of stainless steel and blackened with Tenifer finish, which is used in the arms industry. The whole package has good corrosion and scratch resistance. I've been carrying the ratchet with me for weeks and it hasn't shown any wear from hanging off my keys. The ratchet does an good job at driving screws, the ratcheting is smooth and it's amazing it's as thin as it is. Only thing that bothers me, is there needs to be a way to retain the bit instead of my thumb behind it. Maybe tighter tolerance on the ¼ hole or an O-ring would help keep the but from sliding back and forth.

Resizer 168893706440717

Resizer 168893706450219

Next, we're looking at three prybar offerings, the eXtreme pry II, III, and IV models. The II and the IV are very similar tools, both have dimensions of 95 mm x 16 mm x 6 mm yet differ some in look and features. Both tools feature a standard pry end with a nail puller notch in the end. The handles of the prys have an obsidian pattern, which reminds you of knapped stone. Both pry bars are made of stainless steel and have a Tenifer surface treatment, which is used in the space industry and for surface treatment of weapons. Both models also have some emergency wrenches on the end, with the IV having an additional ¼ hex for the no. 2 Phillips that's on board.

Resizer 16889370635343

Resizer 16889370636965

Resizer 16889370638087

The II and the IV both make a great little pocket pry bar and should handle everything you throw at them. With so many titanium pry tools out there it's nice to see or rather feel one made with steel. Steel just has a nice heft to it and feel of confidence when being used. The obsidian texture on the handles gives good grip, it's a nice departure from all the smooth ones I'll been using. The addition of the ¼ driver on the IV model is a nice touch, the end of the pry could be used as flat, and with the Phillips on board you should be able to handle quite a bit.

Resizer 16889370639699

Resizer 168893706407511

Resizer 168893706420613

The last model is eXtreme pry no. III, good things come in threes, right? The stainless Spartan themed pry has two emergency wrenches on board as well as a no. 2 Phillips. Like with the IV model there's no retention for the bit, and even though it adds functionally, I wish there was a way to keep it in place. This pretty will hold its own in someone's EDC rotation, but aesthetically I prefer the II and IV models.

Resizer 168893706430415

eXtreme EDC makes some pretty cool gear, and I love the fact that they passionate about developing and producing these tools in their home country. Quality is really good, and they provide quite a bit of functionality. If you're looking for a good everyday carry pry, I think you'd feel confident carrying one of these.

David Bowen

As Co Founder of Multitool.org David has been a multitool enthusaist since the 90's.  David has always been fascinated with the design inginuity and uselfulness of multitools.

David is always looking forward to what's new in the industry and how the humble multitool continues to evolve as it radically changes and improves the lives of users.

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