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Tuesday, 04 April 2017 15:47

Power Access Group Buy

Written by

PowerAccess 1

The SOG PowerAccess is all new for 2017, and is perhaps the best looking multitool we have seen in a long time.  With it's stonewashed finish and angular handles it is just as much a work of art as it is a tool, and as it features a pocket clip instead of a sheath, it is more likely to be there when you want it!  The PowerAccess has been likened to one of SOG's previous designs, the PowerPlier, which is almost universally lauded as one of the best tools to ever come from SOG- and that's high praise indeed for a company that also brought us the original Tool Clip!  

As a way to celebrate the opening of the new Multitool.org Store we are offering the brand new SOG PowerAccess for less than we are allowed to offer it for!  You see, SOG (as well as most manufacturers) has this thing called Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) which keeps the playing field level for all SOG dealers, by providing a minimum price they are allowed to sell things for.  More details on MAP pricing and what it means can be seen HERE if you are interested.

PowerAccess 4

As a result, I cannot tell you the price, but I can say that it will cost you the (HINT- CLICK HERE  --->)Secret of Life, The Universe and Everything, (<--- HINT- CLICK THERE) plus shipping, which will run about $8 for the US, and $10 for the UK and Canada.  I ship worldwide, so if you want a shipping quote to anything that isn't one of the above, send me a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will do my best to find a reasonably suitable anwer for you.

PowerAccess 3

So that we don't jeapordize the dealership arrangement for our fledgling store, we are conducting this business in secret- if you want a PowerAccess for this "too low to advertise" price, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know you want in and I will respond with all of the info you need to know!  Please make sure to get your order in by midnight on Thursday, April 6th, or I cannot be held accountable for what happens next!

PowerAccess 2

Oh, and for the record, while this is technically contrary to the Official SOG Dealership agreement I signed, these are absolutely, 100% legitimate SOG products, not some knockoffs that fell off the back of the truck, and they will come with SOG packaging, full warranty etc.  While they can't specifically endorse this sale, I have it on good authority that a reasonably important person at SOG (no names, must protect the innocent!) finds this whole promotion hilarous, and I have yet to see any black helicopters circling my house!  

Grant Lamontagne

As the founder of Multitool.org Grant has been a collector of Swiss Army Knives and multitools for over 25 years, and a user for over 40 years. 

With a day job working in the field, either out in the woods or on industrial sites, Grant uses tools every day for all manner of different purposes.

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