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Wednesday, 10 October 2007 15:19

Coast Fishing Buddy Review

Written by Grant Lamontagne

The Coast Fishing Multitool is a different type of tool than we normally think of when the term is used. It isn’t a plier based tool- in fact, it doesn’t seem to have a “primary” tool of any sort. It is merely a convenient tool that has several functions in a compact package. What more could one want? Oh yeah, and it’s fairly inexpensive too!

Coast Fishing Buddy

In a strictly function/size ratio, the Coast Fishing Multi-Tool is perhaps the best tool available. In a mere 86.4g (3oz) package you get an impressive list of tools:

Coast Fishing Buddy

1. Four hex wrench cutouts- ½", 3/8", 5/16", and 1/4" sizes
2. Metric and Imperial ruler- 15cm or 6 inches
3. Diamond file with point/hook sharpening groove
4. Partially serrated clip pointed blade
5. Pokey stick
6. Scissors
7. Long shanked phillips driver
8. Wood saw
9. Hook like thing
10. Leatherman Micra style bottle opener/flathead screwdriver
11. Lanyard ring with spring clip

Coast Fishing Buddy

The tools don’t lock in the same manner that we usually consider locking, but once extended and the handles closed, the implements are held open quite securely. It’s quite a well designed and executed tool, however given it’s size, I would not want it to be my only tool. It is also too big to be carried comfortably on a keychain, but it’s well suited to fitting in a tiny lure drawer in a fishing tackle box, which is what it was built for.

Coast Fishing Buddy

Overall, this is a handy little tool that is well worth having, but only if you have a place to stow it, like a fishing vest, tackle box or glove compartment. It handles smaller tasks well, and is well suited to fishing and associated activities, but isn’t suited to general use, which is again what it’s designed for.


  • Well equipped
  • Compact
  • Locking implements


  • Specialized tool, not useful for general carry
  • Scissors always spring open as soon as you open the handles
  • Too bulky to carry comfortably
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