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Saturday, 06 May 2023 00:59

Fenix LD15R Flashlight

The everyday carry scene is huge and covers a variety of products that people feel are essential to covering what they need on a day to day basis. One item that I see quite a lot of is flashlights. Personally I have never carried a flashlight before on a daily basis, nor had I ever seen the reason to add one to my carry. The times I've needed one were rare and should the occasion arise I had one in a pinch by using my smartphone. The amount of edc pics I've seen that incorporate flashlights was so immense that I decided to see what all the fuss was about. How often would I use one and what situations would occur that I may need one over my aforementioned smartphone.

One of the lights I chose for testing is the Fenix LD15R. Right angle flashlights are unique and are becoming quite popular. Compared to traditional flashlights where the lens and body are parallel to each other; a right angle has a head that's positioned 90 degrees to the body. These style of lights are good because they incorporate some abilities and features you don't see on the standard lights.

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Published in Flashlights
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