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About Us

Grant Brighter an Better than everWere you looking for an expert on multitools, Swiss army knives, outdoor gear and more? Well, you won't find just one here. You'll find a few thousand. This is easily the best place to find up to date and historical information on multitools and more.

Whether you stay here on our website or browse and join our active Multitool Forum you'll be among experts.

What kind of people would write collect and review multitools?
Quite simple really- we are designers and do-ers, outdoors types and indoor types, mechanics, doctors, problem solvers and problem makers. As such, we have, as a world spanning community, put every type, size and version of multitool, multifunction knife, pocket knife and all related products to every test we could manage in as many places and environments as there are.

The results are quite exceptional- we have a vast and comprehensive shared experience with virtually any tool that one can be curious about- and we continue to push the boundaries with more tools in more places and situation.


Multitool.org is the brainchild of Grant Lamontagne, a guy with the desire to do more and go further than he did yesterday. Respected in the outdoor gear industry, Grant made his mark testing and using multitools, knives and many other outdoors products while shooting, kayaking, camping, cycling and Jeeping his way across the vast Canadian Wilderness. On lazy days he stays home and clears plugged drains, changes locks and paints walls and fixes things.

Grant is joined by his partner Megan Blumenthal, a former outdoor gear marketer and avid outdoorswoman with a love of archery, paddling, fishing and campfire cooking. Anything but a glamper, Megan dreams of tenting in every Canadian National Park. The second she leaves the office she's outdoors cycling, kayaking, camping and more. 

Multitool.org has a crack team of technicians and designers such as Micah Johnson and Esteban Soler, who maintain the vehicle that brings Grant’s testing and experiences, plus those of a planet full of members via our forum and Facebook page.

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