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Saturday, 22 April 2006 20:20

Leatherman PST II Review

An unforgettable classic, the PST II was the follow up to the immensely popular original Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool (PST).

Leatherman PST II

The PST II is a handy, compact tool.

The PST II features a number of tools including the standard needle nose pliers with integrated wire cutters, partially serrated blade, three different flathead screwdrivers, a philips head screwdriver and a can opener, but the tools that really stand out are the diamond file with point groove and the folding scissors.

Leatherman PST II

The diamond file is an awesome addition- no tool should be without one

The diamond file is extremely handy and can be used for everything from sharpening darts and fishhooks to honing blades to removing burrs from just about anything.

Leatherman PST II

The flip side of the diamond is an aggressive file

The folding scissor is a design that I have always liked from Leatherman and i am glad to see it on more current models as well. The design allows for a useable size scissor without adding bulk.

Leatherman PST II

The folding scissors are another excellent feature that belongs on more models

Unfortunately, as one of the original designs it lacked alot of the features we see in alot of tools today. the PST II and it's predecessor the PST are textbook examples of the problems that were once synonymous with multitools- tool clumping, painful handles, non locking tools, no one handed operation, no aesthetic considerations and fairly high prices. Of course this is largely because they were specialty items and there was little to no competition and nothing else to compare them to. They were decent "all around" tools that were handy in a pinch, but wouldn't replace real pliers or screwdrivers in your toolbox.
The sheath that comes with the PST II is worthy of mention because of it's simplicity- 1/8 inch leather riveted together at the joints. Nothing fancy, nothing extra, just a good solid straight up leather sheath that almost seems to promise that it will be around as long as the tool- and with a 25 year guarantee on the tool, that's saying something!

Leatherman PST II

Although the PST II is a compact and handy tool, you can see here the sheetmetal edges on the handles that make it useless for heavy duty applications

Although the PST and PST II are discontinued they are still fairly readily available due to the numbers they were produced in, and represent an important era in multitools for collectors, but as far as actual tool users goes, there are better and more modern tools I would recommend before this one, just as I wouldn't suggest a Model T Ford for someone who needs reliable transport.


  • Diamond File
  • Scissor design
  • Sheath is top notch


  • Epitome of everything that was wrong with early multitools
  • Outdated and outperformed by more modern tools
  • Decent in a pinch but not a "Standalone" type tool


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