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Sunday, 14 April 2024 15:06

Civivi Tac-N-Tweeze

With such a variety of items we carry on a daily basis, we still ask ourselves if we're missing anything. We try and meet every situation with the preparedness that we're known for. People come to us because they know we've got a tool or gadget tucked away that will come to the rescue. I'm not one of those that carries a bag or something larger that a pocket organizer, but I've entertained the idea. The part of me that wanted to carry everything I own, versus the part that's rational and I can only carry what I really need. So, what I do is I pair down to the essentials and hope it's enough. One such item I keep for situations is the Civivi Tac-N-tweeze. Strange name, is it for ninjas or fending off a would-be adversary? None of the above, but it is effective as it's intended job.

 20240413 130308

Published in Gear
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