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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 16:42

Sea To Summit Delta Spork

DeltaSporkThe Delta Spork from Sea to Summit  is the latest addition to my collection of outdoor eating related doodads.

Published in Blog
Sunday, 03 April 2022 11:28

UCO Spork

16489849393873It's been a while since I posted a spork, so I figured I'd better fix that with these sporks from UCO!

Published in Blog
Wednesday, 07 March 2018 17:11

Titanium Spork

Spork 1

Another part of my cheap gear order has arrived, and this one is a titanium spork similar to the Light My Fire type sporks. This is the third item from this order, which also includes the Teeny Sling Bag of POWER and the cheapo zoom lens doohickey.

Naturally the first thing I did with this cheapo spork is test to see if it was magnetic. As you know, titanium is not usually considered to be an inexpensive metal, and so I thought I would check to see if the titanium was substituted with cheaper steel. While I still cannot verify that it is titanium, I can say that it had absolutely no attraction to the rare earth magnets I have, so that is at least a good sign.

Published in Gear
Thursday, 08 October 2015 18:30

Moon Cheese VS Tactical Spork

Here is my fancy, shiny new blog. Isn’t it neat? Anyone who knows me or follows some of my posts on our forum here at Multitool.org knows that I can get a bit cheesy so I have decided to start it all off with some cheese. No, not the Adam West as Batman style cheese, but something just as odd- specifically Moon Cheese. And what better way to eat Moon Cheese than with a tactical spork?

Moon Cheese VS Tactical Spork

I picked up this Moon Cheese on a whim yesterday while buying a couple of Opinel knives and a SOGZilla (more on those later!) at my local Mountain Equipment Co-Op- me being a lover of cheese made me figure I had to try it, and now that I am munching away on the little orange moon rocks I am quite glad I did. It tastes very much like cheddar, which, you know, is probably largely because it IS cheddar, albeit freeze dried.

In fact, it actually tastes an awful lot like Cheese Nips crackers, only more cheesy since there’s no cracker portion, despite the fact that it is crunchy like a cracker. What will science contort and pervert for us next?

Moon Cheese VS Tactical Spork

Now that we have the discussion of cheese out of the way, what can you expect from this blog in the future- you know, since I wasted your time talking about Moon Cheese, why the heck should you continue reading? Well, quite honestly, I think it’s all downhill after Moon Cheese, but I do all kinds of odd things outdoors, from shooting to kayaking to occasionally blowing myself up a little bit. This blog will detail some of those adventures as well as discuss the equipment and gear that I take with me- how I decided what to take, how it performed, and whether I’d consider taking it again next time.

Maybe I’ll review some stuff, maybe I’ll just talk about something I bought to put away for when the zombies come calling, maybe I’ll build something…. Honestly I hate planning things out, so expect to see blog posts about whatever happens to cross my path (or my wallet!) that particular day.

Plus there’s always a good chance that we might have another Close Encounter of the Dairy Kind.


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