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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 11:59

New from Maxpedition

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Just announced, the new Maxpedition Entity series of Non-Tactical/Tactical (NTT) bags designed to look unassuming, yet afford the organiazional options needed for covert operators.  Yup, insert rolling eye smiley here.  The marketing is over the top (as usual), but the reality of having a non-ninja type bag but with all of the organizational possibilities we are used to in miilitary style gear would probably come in handy to those of us that don't commute to and from war zones.

Maxpedition Entity 2018Maxpedition has this to say about it:

Designed around our Non-Tactical/Tactical (NTT) Concept, the new Entity line focuses on discreet concealed carry for covert operators and prepared citizens who choose to be unnoticed.  A sleek, modern exterior devoid of characteristics typically associated with the "tactical look" masks an interior optimized for organization and situational readiness.

As I said, somewhat over the top marketing aside, I am actually quite interested in trying one of these bags out, although I have yet to determine which model I am interested in.  They are offering more than just bags too- there are some matching accessories to keep that NTT concept uniform throughout.

Given that there is the typical marketing rhetoric it should come as no surprise to anyone that pricing is also typical for Maxpedition bags.  If you are a Maxpedition fan (as I am) then the pricing won't be much of a shock, but to those not familiar with the cost associated with these items, brace yourself before clicking the link below for more information.

2018 Maxpedition Entity Series

If you have any thoughts on these that you'd like to share, feel free to post them on our forum.